Limmat Tower Zürich

Photo: Halter AG



The challenge

The client wants large-format, voluminous, three-dimensional elements made of ALUCOBOND that form both horizontally oriented breastwork elements and standing columns. The substructure must be designed to prevent thermal bridging. Space available around the construction site is very limited.

The Ecolite solution

To ensure smooth logistics, the elements are shipped to the construction site flat, and folded and prefabricated braces made from aluminium profiles are first glued and riveted on site. Costly transportation and all kinds of shipping damage are thus eliminated. The complete elements can be stored on site and then transferred to the installation team.

Ecolite products

Primary substructure combining Thermo H and Thermo V brackets and angle profile. UB system: supporting profile 17 mm and a continuous FS agraffe profile on the glued-in braces of the façade elements