Innovation and comprehensive service

Ecolite AG specializes in the development and production of support systems for rear-ventilated façades. Our substructures for every conceivable façade covering, such as ALUCOBOND, metal cassettes, Eternit cement asbestos, corrugated strips, glass, Cemfor, stone, fine masonry, wood, plastered support plates, etc., are impressive for their simple construction, extreme ease of installation, and high level of cost effectiveness.


Founder and owner René Bregenzer is an international expert and has been working in the field of rear-ventilated façades for over 35 years. He has excellent network connections in the industry and has helped define and shape countless developments over the past decades. Thanks to his technical degree as a structural engineer, his R&D leadership in large Swiss companies, and especially his innovative thinking, he is able to provide expert advice to the commercial partners of Ecolite AG.


Ecolite AG offers the following special services:

  • Consultation on implementation options, costs, material usage, and façade design
  • Technical consultation and expertise on site
  • Structural calculations, including optimization of design
  • Ongoing and new development of façade designs
  • Product developments for building design
  • Supply of profiles, components, and complete systems
  • Processing profiles and components into products ready for installation

Long before Ecolite AG was founded in 2004, René Bregenzer began implementing his ideas for elegant technical solutions—as a freelance developer and consultant for Liechtblick workshops in Schaffhausen, with whom he continues to enjoy a close working relationship.

The long-held dream of his own production facility came true for René Bregenzer at the end of 2011, when the company building in Wolfhausen was purchased. Since then, developments have been more closely monitored, production processes fine-tuned, and products inspected on site.

In co-operation with "Werkstätte Liechtblick" and our numerous partners, many properties known throughout the country have been finished.